[WATCH] Coldplay's 'Orphans' music video is out

Coldplay has long been a favorite in the rock world, and now with another big hit to their credit, the band has advanced on an important ranking, proving that they can still chart a smash, even after decades in the business and a relatively short hiatus. Orphans remains at #1 on the UK Airplay chart for the 2nd week. It is also #1 on the International chart in Japan, Top 5 in Belgium & Italy, Top 10 in the Netherlands Top 20 in Australia, Denmark, Ireland & Spain. It is also #7 at Triple-A & #8 at Alternative in the US & Top 20 at Alternative in Canada.

Coldplay released a music video for “Orphans” on October 25 it has already amassed over 38 million views. It’s the first music video attached to their upcoming double album, ‘Everyday Life’ which they’re claiming will be more “experimental” than usual. Stream song HERE.

**Watch the music video for the track below...**