Renown for powerful ballads — will Lee Cole ever venture into EDM?

Lee Cole has returned to his emotive ballad roots with the brand-new single ‘Emotional’, which dropped on Friday, 23 July 2021.

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Following the success ‘I Don’t Wanna Wait ’, ‘ Pink Dragons’, 'Do You Still Care' and most recently ‘Honey, Let Me In’ - all songs have that have charted on the Kfm Top 40 – with the latter being at no.2 on the chart for the past few weeks – Lee is back with another one.

A day after release, following his charting single ('Honey, Let Me In'), Carl Wastie called Lee Cole on the award-winning chart show to chat about the song that the Jo'burg based artist recorded and produced in his bedroom studio.

Will Lee Cole move away from ballads? Take a listen to the interview to find out.

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