Selena Gomez totally fan-girls Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has been guest-hosting the Ellen Degeneres Show – and on Thursday 23 Jan 2020, one of her biggest fans came by the show for an interview: Selena Gomez.

What you may not know is that Selena is a massive fan of ‘Friends’ – and watching her fan-girl Jen Aniston is EVERYTHING! She also recalls the first time she ever met the ‘Friends’ cast member.

What’s also very adorable is Jennifer Aniston referring to Selena’s new album as her “new CD”.Meanwhile, Selena had three songs on the Kfm Top 40 with Carl Wastie this past weekend, 25 Jan 2020: ‘Look At Her Now’ at no.40, ‘Lose You To Love Me’ at no.20, and ‘Rare’ at no.4.

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